Dominion Energy:

A Better Plan for South Carolina

The Palmetto State’s energy future has been a major concern for South Carolinians. But with Dominion Energy, there is a brighter, more reliable future on the horizon for South Carolina.

The merger between Dominion Energy and SCANA has been approved with SCANA’s 1.6 million customers top of mind. Electric and gas services will not be interrupted. Utility headquarters will not leave the state. Support for local charities and organizations will not end. Read more about the specific benefits here.

So what will be different? Dominion Energy is ready to invest fully in the region, bringing its five core values: Safety, Ethics, Excellence, One Dominion Energy and Embrace Change.

To understand how you would benefit from Dominion Energy, you need only look to the company’s record in the state of Virginia. Dominion Energy serves 2.5 million electric customers in the Commonwealth of Virginia, where residential electric rates are well below regional and national averages. An electric bill for a typical Dominion Energy Virginia customer has only gone up by 8 percent since July 2008—an annual rate of increase hovering around 1 percent. That means the inflation-adjusted price of Dominion Energy electric service in Virginia has actually dropped since 2008.

Additionally, Dominion Energy has maintained rate stability even while investing billions in new, reliable and secure supplies of energy—including a push for cleaner and more environmentally friendly sources, such as solar power generation.

Dominion Energy is already a corporate citizen in South Carolina as the owner of Dominion Energy Carolina Gas Transmission (located in 32 counties) and the owner of the largest solar project in the state. 

Dominion Energy is also a committed community partner. In 2015 and 2016, the company provided grants to 43 non-profits across South Carolina and Georgia. And Dominion Energy plans to contribute an additional $1 million in charitable giving—on top of what SCANA has previously committed—each year for at least five years.

This is an exciting time for South Carolina. The future is here—and it’s bright, strong and reliable with Dominion Energy.