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Letter of Support: Danny Black, President, Southern Carolina Alliance

Nov 28, 2018

Read a letter from Danny Black, president of the Southern Carolina Alliance, about why he supports Dominion Energy combining with SCANA. Black says this partnership "will create opportunities for job creation, keep rates consistent and encourage a stable environment for economic growth."

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Dominion is devoted to helping community

Mar 02, 2018

In my role as development director of Brookland Foundation, working to serve adults and children in the Columbia area, I have worked alongside Dominion Energy and determined that this is absolutely a company that wants to make life better for the people it serves.

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Utility's story not fully told

Feb 16, 2018

I have been a SCE&G employee for 29 years. I began my career at V.C. Summer after graduating from Orangeburg-Calhoun Tech. I then worked on the construction project for the Cope plant and have been there since its completion. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the state, working with other plants as they need assistance and even working with the line crews for storm response. This has allowed me to know fellow employees from one end of our service territory to the other, and there is no other group of people I would rather work with.

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Dominion offer is a great deal for South Carolina

Feb 09, 2018

I worked for SCE&G for 23 years before Dominion Energy acquired my division three years ago. Since then, I have seen firsthand Dominion’s strong focus on safety, ethics, excellence and teamwork.

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Letter of Support: Board of Directors of the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina

Feb 08, 2018

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina and the Central Carolina REALTORS Association we want to express our grave concerns over legislative efforts that could force SCANA into bankruptcy and further increase rates.

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Letter: Support Dominion-SCANA merger

Feb 07, 2018

Many of our State legislators, the governor and other entities are only interested in placating the ratepayers’ (voters) without regard to the consequences up to and including forcing SCANA into bankruptcy. They have not thought through the catastrophic impact of a SCANA bankruptcy on the state, communities, employees, retirees, ratepayers and stockholders.

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Midlands Business Leadership Group writes letter in support of Dominion Energy and SCANA partnership

Jan 08, 2018

Read the Midlands Business Leadership Group letter about the combining of our companies.

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