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Letter of Support: Danny Black, President, Southern Carolina Alliance

Nov 28, 2018 | Categories:

November 28, 2018

Danny R. Black, President
Southern Carolina Alliance
1750 Jackson Street, Suite 100
Barnwell, SC 29812 

Dear Members of the PSC: 

A stable energy provider is critical to the future economic health of South Carolina. Maintaining lower rates and providing stable service creates an environment that attracts economic investment and opens the door to increased job creation. 

Unfortunately, the current situation with SCANA puts our state at a decided disadvantage. Economic development requires partnership with an energy provider who can be trusted to deliver on its promises and meet the needs of the community and companies. Given the ongoing issues surrounding one of our state's primary energy providers, companies are likely to choose to go to Georgia, North Carolina or another neighboring state rather than risking their investing in a state where a critical infrastructure element is uncertain. 

That's why I'm taking a moment to express my support for Dominion Energy's proposal to combine with SCANA/SCE&G. Dominion Energy has a track record of being stable, both as a provider and corporate partner, as well as investing in the communities they serve. 

It's clear a partner like Dominion Energy can attract economic growth, by keeping rates low and creating jobs for South Carolinians. Dominion Energy has a reputation for supporting economic development through investing in reliability enhancements, grid security, and cleaner energy. 

I cannot emphasize enough how significant it is for our state's growth that we get past the failed V.C. Sumner nuclear project and the ongoing instability and financial burden it has created.

Dominion Energy is the only provider to legitimately step forward with a realistic plan that will contribute to the long-term economic viability of our state. 

Dominion Energy has a history of being the kind of energy provider and corporate partner we need. South Carolina faces an uncertain energy future, likely to include lengthy and expensive litigation, as well as unstable rates, all of which will create volatility and cause corporate investors to reconsider and go elsewhere. 

In other words, Dominion Energy can be the provider our state needs. I'm asking you to support the proposed partnership of Dominion with SCANA as a way of investing in the long-term economic development of our state. It will create opportunities for job creation, keep rates consistent and encourage a stable environment for economic growth. I am convinced this plan is the best, and clearest, path forward for South Carolina. 

Sincerely yours,

Danny Black
President & CEO, Southern Carolina Alliance

You can see the full letter here.

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