Customer Benefits

SCANA is becoming Dominion Energy. This means many benefits for electric customers, including: 

Bill Relief

Typical SCE&G residential electric customers will continue to experience savings on their electric bills. Dominion Energy’s levelized customer benefits plan approved by the Commission reduces bills by approximately 15 percent as compared to a year ago and will result in customer bills that are lower than the short-term rates implemented by the South Carolina General Assembly. Commercial and industrial customers will experience a roughly similar percentage bill reduction.

Tax Benefits

The benefit of the federal tax reform will be passed on to customers. This will include a one-time credit that customers will receive in 2019. The ongoing level of tax savings is included in the approved levelized bill amount of approximately $125 per month for typical residential customers as well as the corresponding levelized bill amounts for other classes.

Customers will also receive a one-time credit in 2019 on their bills related to tax savings for 2018 associated with the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The one-time bill credits are expected to be reflected in February bills. The total credit amount for TCJA savings in 2018 is approximately $100 million.

This benefits plan came about after a thorough development and deliberation process to find the best solution for customers in the region. Dominion Energy’s original customer benefits plan included significant up-front refunds ($1,000 for the typical residential customer), and more modest amounts of longer-term bill reductions (approximately 7% from May, 2017 levels). However, there was significant and noteworthy support for long-term substantial bill relief, which resulted in Dominion Energy’s final plan.

The final plan results in customer bills that are lower than the short-term rates implemented by the South Carolina General Assembly and that take SCE&G’s rates from among the highest in the region to levels near or below regional averages, and well below the national average.

Competitive electric rates are very important not only to our new customers’ wallets, but also to a healthy economy in South Carolina going forward.

Natural gas customers will benefit as well, not only from joining a well-known, reliable utility company, but also in receiving $2.45 million in refunds passed back in the form of bill credits over three years, to be distributed annually as follows: $820,000 in February 2019; $815,000 on January 1, 2020; and $815,000 on January 1, 2021.

It’s a new day with Dominion Energy.