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Dominion Energy is excited to merge with SCANA, becoming one of the state’s largest energy providers and bringing stability, lower bills, and enhanced philanthropic and community giving.

This new partnership will help drive economic development through lower rates and will aggressively support retaining and recruiting new businesses across the state while maintaining strong service reliability.

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For Customers

Long term savings will make a huge difference for SCE&G electric customers. Bills for electric customers have been significantly reduced—by approximately 15%—in February  2019 compared to January 2018. This plan reduces SCE&G electric bills to competitive levels nationally and regionally.  


For Communities

Charitable giving is a key part of Dominion Energy’s DNA. In addition to the community work we are already doing in the region, we have committed to increasing SCANA’s philanthropic and community contributions by $1 million per year for at least five years following the close of the merger.


For Employees

The SCE&G headquarters will remain in Cayce and the President of SCE&G will be a South Carolina resident. All SCANA non-executive employees will have compensation guarantees until at least July 1, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t natural gas customers getting a refund or large reduction in rates as well?

SCE&G natural gas customers are receiving a bill credit of $2.45 million, which will be credited to gas bills over three years beginning in 2019 as follows: $820,000 in 2019; $815,000 in 2020; and $815,000 in 2021. The gas customer bill credits and other merger benefits are different and lower than the SCE&G electric customers because the benefits being provided to electric customers are compensating for the billions of dollars that electric customers paid toward the abandoned VC Summer nuclear project. The gas customers have not borne such costs and therefor are in a different posture. While SCANA has both gas and electric customers in South Carolina, there is no intermingling of gas utility and electric utility costs.

Does Dominion Energy still plan to provide customer refunds ($1,000 for the typical SCE&G residential electric customer)?

Dominion Energy will be providing customers significantly reduced bills instead of the $1,000 cash back proposal. That decision was made based on support for lower bills throughout the year rather than the up-front rebate originally proposed and Dominion Energy decided to offer this option, which was approved by the Commission. Overall, bills for electric customers have been significantly reduced (by approximately 15% in 2019 compared to January 2018) which will provide ongoing savings over the long term.



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