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Dominion Energy and SCANA coming together would bring a brighter energy future for South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

SCANA and Dominion Energy share proud histories of serving our customers and communities. Together, we would create even greater opportunities for the people who depend on us in those states.

SCANA customers would be joining one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, one consistently ranked among the most admired in our industry. Having a strong energy partner would help promote economic growth and access to new energy resources.

SCE&G electric customers would see dramatic savings following the partnership—both in cash payments and lower rates—while natural gas customers can look for continued safe and reliable service.

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Customer Benefits

A partnership between Dominion Energy and SCANA makes sense because it would benefit all parties, providing certainty and a path forward.

Dominion Energy would provide immediate financial relief for electric customers now paying for the uncompleted new nuclear units. Both a cash payment and lower rates are planned. For communities, it means holding on to a community partner that would have more resources to meet new and changing energy needs. And for SCANA shareholders, including thousands of retirees and working families, it is a fair deal, too.

Customer payments

Each SCE&G electric customer would get a cash payment based on their historical electric usage—worth $1,000 for an average residential customer, with regulatory approval.

Continued Savings

Beyond the one-time cash payment, customers would see a rate reduction of about 5 percent, equal to more than $7 a month for a typical SCE&G residential customer, pending regulatory approval. Additional customer savings are planned to come from the resolution of the nuclear build issues, meaning all customer costs would decline until they disappear in 20 years rather than the currently scheduled 50-to-60 years.

Employee Protection

SCANA employees would have employee protection until 2020. Dominion Energy also would maintain a headquarters for SCE&G in South Carolina, continuing to be an economic driver for the state and region.

Charitable Giving

Investing in our communities is a Dominion Energy core value. Dominion Energy would not only maintain SCANA’s philanthropic efforts, but would increase that charitable giving by an additional $1 million a year for at least five years.

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Our Commitment


Dominion Energy is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, serving more than 6 million utility and retail energy customers. Headquartered in Virginia with operations in 18 states including South Carolina, Dominion Energy is a longtime operator in electric generation and distribution as well as natural gas storage and transmission. In addition, we are on the cutting edge of developing future-looking energy sources including renewables. Our history gives us a stability you can rely on, while our push for innovation ensures we are always delivering the cleanest, most efficient and most affordable energy.

But Dominion Energy is about more than our business transactions. Our company is built on a proud legacy of public service, innovation and community involvement. Dominion Energy and our 16,200 employees invest in the communities where we live and work and practice responsible environmental stewardship wherever we operate. We seek out people who share our values and volunteerism—plus, one in five new Dominion Energy hires is a veteran.

See here to read important additional information about the Registration Statement being filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with the merger and persons deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies in respect of the proposed transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How will the merger impact customers in the short and long term?

This merger includes very significant customer benefits. All electric customers would share in $1.3 billion in cash payments to offset costs related to the withdrawn construction of two new nuclear units that will not be completed because they grew too costly. For an average residential customer, the amount would be $1,000.

Question 2: How will the cash payment be calculated?

Each electric customer of SCE&G will get a cash payment based on the amount of electricity purchased for a 12-month period prior to the merger closing. The cash payment will be about $1,000 for an average residential customer. Cash payments will be paid by check or similar mechanism. They will be sent automatically within 90 days of the merger closing, and customers will not have to apply for them.

All customers also would see an approximate 5 percent rate reduction, driven from refunds of previous customer collections, as well as pass-through of corporate tax reform benefits, equal to more than $7 a month for a typical residential customer.

Dominion Energy will assume nearly $1.7 billion of existing withdrawn nuclear construction assets and will never collect them from customers. The merger will eliminate this cost from customer bills in 20 years, far sooner than the 50-60 that had been planned. And, Dominion Energy will never collect from customers the cost of purchasing a gas-fired power plant that would help replace power that was expected from the nuclear units.

Question 3: Will I have to apply for the cash payment?

No, it will be sent to you automatically. It will be sent within 90 days after closing the merger, pending regulatory approval.

Question 4: What if I was an SCE&G customer for part of that time but no longer am a customer? Will I still get a cash payment?

Details of the plan will be provided later.

Question 5: Why aren’t PSNC Energy and SCANA Energy gas customers getting a cash payment?

The cash payment is to help cover costs paid for the withdrawn construction of two nuclear units. Only electric customers have paid toward that project, not natural gas customers.